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We welcome you most sincerely to our website. AIABPARA -General Secretary

Welcome to the All India Allahabad Bank Pensioners & Retirees Association

In pre-pension era, in Banking Industry, a retiree on his receiving retiral dues was forgotten by the Bank as also by trade union to which he was attached, during service period. His bonds with organization, colleagues were snapped overnight and he felt totally cut off and grappled to adjust to the void created by sudden cessation of linkages with the institutions, colleagues and friends, it was a sort of total vacuum for a retiree. After introduction of Pension in Banks the situation, changed a bit and Bank retirees started forming platforms, to ventilate their feelings/views. In such an environment and observing the efforts of such retirees to come to terms with changed situations at home and society, the formations of Bank Pensioners & Retirees Associations got the momentum.

Retirees & Pensioners of Allahabad Bank were not exceptions to the changed environments and we got united under the banner of All India Allahabad Bank Pensioners & Retirees Association in the year 2012. Although the organisation has been initially supported by logistics and finance, by All India Allahabad Bank Officers’ Association on the call of AIBOC, it is now an independent organisation which will discuss, debate, deliberate and decide its own problems and find out the ways and means to sort out the issues. All India Allahabad Bank Pensioners & Retirees Association is an organisation of the Retirees of Allahabad Bank. Its door is open to all cadres of employees, officers and executives of Allahabad Bank.

We united for the objectives –

  1. To achieve overall welfare of the pensioners and retirees of Allahabad Bank.
  2. To organize and foster a spirit of co-operation and fellowship amongst the members.
  3. To ensure that, they have a dignified life after their retirement having served the Bank to the best of their ability, and scarifying their entire life for the economic development of the country.
  4. To secure and protect the rights and privileges and to promote the interest and welfare of all the members by legitimate and constitutional means.
  5. To secure for the benefits of retirees, all kinds of relief’s – financial, medical and any other reliefs.
With the objective of faster communication, sharing the concerns of members and making efforts to help each other, this web-portal is one more step forward in the direction.

We welcome you most sincerely
to our website.


General Secretary

About US

Comrades, you will all appreciate that in the context of present day, with the huge advancement of medical science and a slightly better economic position in comparison to that of the yester years, the age of “60” cannot be an end of active life – be it personal or social. It is just a number and nothing beyond that. We are to keep good health, we are to associate, we are to educate, we are to organise and we are to agitate. In other words, we must have a meaningful existence in the society. The Retirees and Pensioners of the Banking sector are principally those lot of people who carried on the fruits of “Nationalisation” to the furthest point of the country. It is they who rendered invaluable services in cities, towns, villages, hills, jungles and where not. The extension of government sponsored schemes, the financial inclusion of a huge un-banked population, extension of the industrial credit, safeguarding the financial sector from unforeseen external threats – in all such areas, the elder citizens of the banking sector have their remarkable contribution. They have virtually forgone their yesterdays to secure a better tomorrow for the countrymen. Now, these people after reaching an advanced age deserve a better and responsive treatment from the society and the government to ensure a more or less a decent living standard. Another serious cause of concern is that a huge number of Retirees till today are outside the fold of any organised existence. In banks, where coverage of organisation is the oldest, not more than 60 to 70% of Pensioners are under the umbrella and there are Banks where 30 to 50% of retirees are in any Association/Union. Rest is lost in the milieu. The most challenging task before us is to extend the coverage of organised life to as many as people. To sum up, this is an organisation which believes in democracy and transparency. There is nothing to hide. We shall be truthful to the membership.

General Secretary
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